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Swoon By Nina Malkin Book Review

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Swoon, Connecticut, stands proudly on its heritage and the good behavior of its Lilly Pulitzer–clad inhabitants, so semi-psychic New York transplant Candice (Dice) sticks out like a sore thumb. On the autumnal equinox, Dice's sweet and gentle cousin Penelope suddenly changes into a dangerous vixen, and only Dice is able to see that she has been possessed. Dice knows she must exorcise Sinclair, the ghost of a handsome young man from the colonial era, but she has fallen deeply in love with the appropriately nicknamed Sin. Finally, Dice follows Sin’s directions for an exorcism, which frees Penelope from his hold and releases Sin into his own physical form. The golem-like Sin finally reveals his goal: to exact revenge on the descendants of those who unjustly hung him for the murder of his fiancée. Since Sin awakens the quaint town’s denizens to all of their suppressed urges, this steamy and suspenseful romance with a psychic slant and time-travel twist will pull mature teens. 

Calamity's Review:
       I had read this book around a year or two ago and I thought that it would be a "Sin" not to review this mysteriously wicked book. I hadn't read the synopsis of this book before reading it because I like surprises and I have noticed that once you read the description of the book, it doesn't seem to hold the thrill for me anymore. So I dove into the book blindsided and at first I was not pleased because I thought it was going to be like any other "highschool scene" and I was disappointed, until.... Sinclair was introduced...well not "physically" atleast....
Let's start with Dice (short of Candice) though, since she kind of is the Protagonist of the book. I reall enjoyed Dice's intelligence and I loved that she was quite inquisitive about everything and tried to not just look at situations through her eyes but also the opposing characters. I loved that she was soo independant and didn't really have to rely on anyone for much. Also, I loved that she was real, ya know? She was protrayed as someone that many people might be able to relate to.
As for Sin (short for Sinclair)... welllll....... I suppose he's not reeeaaaalllyyy the antagonist.. is he? Well he does seem to be causing "Chaos" wherever he goes and trying to take revenge on the innocents living in the town on Swoon. So we can technically call him the bad guy, per say. Anyway, he is introduced into the book through Pen (Penelope, Dice's Cousin). In a nutshell, he has possessed her body and tries to take revenge on the town of Swoon through her physical being. Trying to put Sin at rest, Dice attempts at letting him reach "the other side," which actually just turns into him regaining his flesh body. At first it seems like it might be fun but soon enough Sin takes it too far.
I rate this book a 4!
P.S.Sorry for the unorganized and chaotic writing (am still working on that)

Chaos' Review:
    Read this book multiple years back when it first released. As always, the cover is exceptionally enthralling, and my bad habit of "Judging a Book By Its Cover" always comes into play when scrolling around for a good read.
     The story of Dice, a normal teenager girl whom parties and sings, lives the typical normal life. However, there comes in the devious "entity" of Sinclair that toys around with everyone in this town filled with the rich. He seems to play the antagonist, yet situations tend to change as the story progresses and more is revealed. Moreover, the protagonist, Dice is more intelligent than the usual "Bella Swan" and doesn't seem to succumb to Sinclair's charm. As the story zooms on, it gets slightly boring, and predictable, as soon as Dice attempts to rid Sinclair's ghostly being out of her cousin Pen right at the beginning. After that the story is casually turning into a great "Calamity" with countless scenes of drama filled situations and predictability.
    The story in the end was slightly interesting and held potential if it was more easily thorough through out the pages. It easily played as an interesting time pass and I slightly wished that the story was much more chaotic in a sense. However, it won't stop me from picking up the sequel to Swoon, which is called Swear By Nina Malkin (Will be reviewed soon).
I rate this book a 3.

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