About Us

Calamity & Chaos.

  We live in Canada, and we are huge fans of the weather here (insert sarcasm) Nah, just kidding. We love it here. Calamity is the softy around here, living it up at 17 and has a huge adoration for baking! She intends to turn Chaos into a hippo with all the delicious cupcakes she makes NON STOP! Whilst Chaos, oh yes, living it up at 16 and has a HUGE passion for photography, and capturing funny AND loving memories with a click of a button . Sadly yes, we have an age difference.......most of the time we just pretend we're the same age.

  Our nicknames are specially given due to our personalities. This includes, being blunt, insane, quirky, and imaginative. Calamity grew up on Harry Potter, and has forever since, been waiting for the admission letter to Hogwarts. Still waiting actually....... Chaos on the other hand, grew up on....yes......unbelievably.......should we mention the name?.........Maybe Not...........But we should........Twilight. (Leave out Comments).
Since then, we have been complete book addicts, snagging whatever we can lay our eyes upon. We just -Love- Reading in general. It's our only means of escape from this -Boring- muggle life of ours.....Add the muggle part to our madness........and you get the picture ;)


  1. Alright Calamity and Chaos... you guys totally ditched me on this and I'm majorly hurt. But dude in all seriousness i absolutely love this! You guys are geniuses