On Twitter we finally reached 100 FOLLOWERS!  So after some thinking and much love, we decided that it was time for a GIVEAWAY! 

First Place Winner will get the chance to chose 1 out of 10 YA books we have listed below.  Plus a little sizzling gift from both of us as a means of sending our love and appreciation! 

Since we love all our followers, Second place receives a *Mystery* Prize. It could be anything from books to jewelry. Who knows! 

So Lets Get This Contest Started!!!

*Message From Calamity & Chaos*
-Best of luck! 
May the Madness Be Ever In Your Favor!
(Still a little Hunger Games absorbed)  

P.S. P.S. International Giveaway!! 
ALSO, ALL entries will be checked for legitimacy. False entries *Will* be revoked 

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  1. you guys are toying with my emotions!

    1. Bahahahahaaha!!!! That's what we live for! KIDDING! We'll have a giveaway soon....promise....

      p.s. We miss your craziness

  2. My favorite male character in a book would have to be Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's not about how cool he is or that he's an Edward Cullen-esque dreamboat, but because of how human his character is. He just has so much character growth throughout the book that it's your pleasure to see him grow up.

  3. That's a hard question! My favorite male character from books is Sherlock Holmes. I've read tons of YA books and loved lots of characters. But out of the books I've read recently I think my favorite is Bram Griswold from Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel!

  4. very hard question... probably Po in GRACELING because he's strong but lets Katsa be who she is and doesn't try to change who she is, just to help her realize what she wants and how strong she is. He builds her up and supports her so she can become a better, stronger person. I like that message and how he treats her with respect and a little awe.

  5. hmmmm one of my favorite YA males would have to be Heath from The "Marked" series by PC Cast ;-) Of course Stark is awesomesauce too ;-)

  6. Male Character... Hmmmmm! SO HARD.
    Harlin, from a NEED SO BEAUTIFUL. Because, he is HARLIN, and that makes him awesome.
    Patch, from Hush, Hush
    KAIDAN from Sweet Evil
    Adam from Where She Went


    happy Reading