Monday, 18 June 2012

Summer Here We Come

As you guys may have noticed...WE HAVEN'T REVIEWED ANYTHING FOR A WEEK!! 

We sincerely apologize, and now we shall bore you all with our completely lame excuse....

Its been a pretty Strigoi few weeks with school ending and stuff, crambing in as much as we can, and studying our heads off for these completely *lame* exams. 
But guess what! Our exams and simply everything school based is almost officially OVER! So we'll be back on track and amuse you all with our weirdly entertaining reviews! 

The past week, we suffered so much. Here's a few torturous things that happened,

Loss of SLEEP
Not having to clean (WAIT...that's probably the only good thing)
and the list CONTINUES!

Oh heaven forbid! This is probably the worst time of the year! IT DRIVES YOU INSANE! 

Enough of our excuse now, please continue with whatever book you were reading

Message from Calamity & Chaos😜

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