Monday, 21 May 2012

Our Thoughts on Plagiarism

   As many of you might already know, there was recently an event of plagiarism in the blogging community. It had nothing to do with our blog, but it was something that is well known and we thought that we had to share our thoughts on this topic.
   Obviously, this is definitely NOT a good thing and we are both very against it. Most of the time, the person who has been plagiarised doesn't even get the credit for their work, and it really is a shame.
But, we feel that people should always get second chances. This might sound cheesy, but everybody makes mistakes and soon enough, they grow out of their child-like behaviour. What I don't understand is why everybody starts attaacking the plagiarist. Of course, they should be called out on their behaviour and an apology from them is always nice, but I feel as if everyone starts assuming the worst of that person and automatically start jumping to conclusions about that individual. Okay, they plagiarised, everybody gets it... but it was a mistake. And most of the time, the plagiarist, recognizes their mistake.

 All we're saying is, don't completely boycott the person because they made a silly mistake. Of course, if you feel differently, LEAVE A COMMENT! We would love to hear everybody's thoughts on this. And.. don't hate on the way we spell "behaviour" and such. We're Canadians, its how we spell <3

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