Saturday, 25 August 2012

Best Book Trailer I've Ever Seen.

Chaos:: So I was trollin' around and, well, since I had read Immortal City by Scott Speer I went on to find out more about the sequel. Then there it was! The book trailer! BEST ONE I HAVE EVER SEEN! I guess it's kind of cheating since the author is a -director- and is dating Ashley Tisdale *fangirls* but it's GOOD! So here it is, the book trailer to Immortal City....maybe this will convince most of you to go read it......BUT before you buy, borrow, or whatever, go check out my review from before *points up* the red words will redirect you to the page just by giving it a quick click ^_^  *points below* Go ahead and oggle the cover. It's gorgeous. 

SEQUEL Releases in April 2013 by Razorbill